Week 9: Oct. 22 and Oct. 24

Assignment: check the assignments for this week, and complete by Monday Oct. 21, 5pm.

Tue Oct. 22: Tea and Japan

  • Reflecting on the chanoyu experience
  • Surak, Kristin. Making Tea, Making Japan : Cultural Nationalism in Practice. Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, 2013. (PDF)
          • (Selection pp. 79-87 from chapter 2: “Creating Tea: The National Transformation of a Cultural Practice”)
          • Use this google doc to look at the structure of the assigned section: how does the author build her argument by shaping the structure and paragraphs of the text? Bring your filled out worksheet to class.
          • What are the connections between this text and last week’s selection from Okakura? How does Surak’s explanation help you understand Okakura’s text in a different light?
  • If you have questions (e.g. historical background, obscure references), you can post them on the pad.

Thu. Oct. 24: Sen Rikyu

  • Sadler, A. L. Cha-No-Yu : The Japanese Tea Ceremony. Rutland, Vt.: C.E. Tuttle, 1977. First published 1933 by J.L Thompson & Co. (PDF) (I have extracted the text and placed it in a PDF file, the page numbers from the original book are indicated between [ ].)
          • This is a selection of poems and rules about tea (and chanoyu) from Sen Rikyu, widely venerated as the inventor of the “tea ceremony” (chanoyu) in Japan.
          • Use your preferred method of analysis (The Method, paraphrase, paraphrase x3 etc) to gain a deeper understanding of this text, and bring your reading notes to class.