Week 13: Nov. 19 and Nov. 21

Check the assignments for this week and complete them by Monday Nov. 18, 5pm.

Reminder: username and password for PDFs is on the Canvas Homepage

Tue. Nov. 19: Boston Harbor a Tea Pot!

  • Read: Young, Alfred F. The Shoemaker and the Tea Party : Memory and the American Revolution. History (booknotes). Boston, Mass.: Beacon Press, 1999. (Introduction and Chapter 6)
            • How do Hewes’ recollections inform our understanding of the Boston Tea Party? How do they complicate what you thought you knew?
  • Background video: Boston Tea party:
            • Quick TED animated video as introduction/refresher on the Boston Tea Party and the wider context.
  • Background: In Our Time podcast on the role of George Washington in the American Revolutions
            • If you need a refresher on the American revolution, this 45 minute conversation with historians will get you up to speed. (Captions created by machine)
  • Slides (Gdrive link)

Thu. Nov. 21: Boston Tea Party for kids!

Hello everyone! Emily here. The link below contains all the information you need for Thursday’s class and what to prepare.  You have each been assigned a children’s book about the Boston Tea Party to read (assignments are listed in the document).  There are also some questions on the document that you should bring notes about to Thursday’s session.  Let me know if any of the links do not work or you have any questions! Thanks!