Week 11: Nov. 5 and Nov. 7

Check the assignments for this week, complete by Monday Nov. 4, 5pm.

Tue. Nov. 5: The Almack Journal

For today we read a section from the “Journal of William Almack”. Almack was a tea trader in Canton from 1837 until the evacuation at the eve of the First Opium War.

  • I have provided a transcription of the part of Almack’s journal that covers his stay in Canton, as tensions between the Qing Chinese authorities and the British are rising.
  • Print out the transcribed selection (Gdrive link) of the Journal of William Almack, tea trader in Canton, 1837-1844. We will be using it extensively in Thursday’s class! Please log in to your Muhlenberg account to access and comment.
  • Read the journal, and prepare reading notes: what strikes you as remarkable, strange, interesting? Where do you see connections with previous material?
  • Core question to think about: what are the different factors that contribute to the conflict between the British/Western traders and the Chinese authorities?
  • You can comment on the Google doc: reactions, connections, and spotting typos.
  • Access to almost the complete diary: Photos in folder on Gdrive.
  • Reference: Almack, William. Journal (July 1837- July 1841), MS Add.9529. Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives. (Link to catalog record)
  • Additional materials used in class:

Thu. Nov. 7: Writing tips and tricks: structuring ideas

  • Rosenwasser, David, and Jill Stephen. Writing Analytically. Seventh ed. Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning, 2015. (PDF)
          • Remember the password for PDFs is on the Canvas homepage.
          • Look at the sections between red brackets.
          • Think about your own writing. Do you have examples on hand of these things you did well, or where you want some help with a particular technique? This will be a hands-on session where we collaborate to get your writing to the next level, by focusing on a few techniques and insights that will be useful to your writing in any class.