Week 7: Oct. 8 and Oct. 10

Tuesday Oct. 8: References, AIC, peer review

  • Just come to class, we will discuss how to do references in Chicago Notes-Bibliography style, the Academic Integrity Code, and you get a chance to do a peer review (and receive feedback from your peers).

Thursday Oct. 10: Writing well: lessons learned from writing

Friday Oct. 11: Submit rewritten version of essay 1

E-mail a rewritten version of the draft of your first essay by 11.59 PM on Friday, Oct. 11. Add a paragraph explaining how you incorporated the feedback you got from peers, the instructor, and the writing assistant. (This paragraph is not part of your total page count for the essay itself.)

Some tips:

  • Note that a + mark in the margin means the underlined passage is interesting, and worthy of further consideration. It does not necessary mean it’s already perfect, but rather that this is an interesting idea to work with in the rewrite.
  • Check you have inserted footnotes and add a bibliography, using Chicago “notes and bibliography” style. Slides 8-13 of this Google slides presentation will be useful. You can also consult with librarians and the Writing Center, and check out the little PDF guide from the library.
  • A rewrite is different from editing: often it helps to start completely from scratch, overturn the current structure of your essay, and/or do a reverse outline to see the logical flow of your ideas surface more clearly.
  • Top tip from last year’s students: “Learn how to eliminate the fluff in your writing”. Analytical essays are clear and to the point.