Week 2: Sept. 3 and Sept. 5

Assignments: check you have done all the steps in this document by 5pm, Monday Sep. 2.

Tue. Sept. 3:

  • Prepare before class:
    • Make sure you have your first post on your website up and running.
    • Read and annotate with hypothes.is in the group teaglobalhistory:
      • George Orwell, “A Nice Cup of Tea”.
      • Make notes on what you find interesting, remarkable, or strange in this text. You can ask questions (or answer questions from others), agree or disagree (in civil ways) with the author or with each other, and share your insights and ideas.
  • OPTION: 7PM: attend the “Invitation to the Conversation” on Exit West, and write an event response. More details about the event here.

Thu. Sept. 5:

  • Prepare before class:
    • Think about what it takes to grow a plant from seed to edible fruit, root, or leaf. Do you have experience growing plants? Be ready to share your successes and failures!
    • Read through this document to understand a bit more about the philosophy behind Muhlenberg’s Community Garden.
  • Gather in class (Ettinger 205), we will walk together to the Community Garden.