Week 1: Aug. 27 and Aug. 29

Before class, come to the website and check what your assignment is for that class.

  • If readings are assigned: prepare them. There may be guiding questions and framing information, to help you find a focus point. If not, you can use these tips and questions to get started.
  • If a writing exercise is assigned: check the deadline! Often a deadline is 5pm the night before class, so the WA and I have time to check your offerings and structure the class period to help you best.
  • The riseup.net collaborative text editor: each class, we will set up a pad for typing ideas, questions, remarks during class. You can add comments and questions anonymously. The pads will remain for 1 year. Link to the first pad for our first class.

Week 1

Tue. Aug. 27:

  • Prepare before class: small writing assignment (10-15mins):
    • Prepare and bring to class: write one or two paragraphs about “a nice cup of tea”. What comes to mind when you think of that phrase? Nobody else will see your writing, but get in the habit of writing loose ideas and bringing your writing to class to use as the basis for class discussions.
  • Prepare before class: syllabus annotation (30-40mins):
    • Set up an account with hypothes.is, and join the group teaglobalhistory. Hypothes.is works best with Chrome. Install the chrome extension and surf to the syllabus webpage
      • If you don’t succeed at first: try and try again! Adopt the Growth Mindset from the cats in the sidebar. Check the Help section, experiment, explore.
      • If you can’t get it to work at all after 20 mins: don’t panic. We’ll solve it later. Continue with the rest of this assignment by printing out the syllabus and annotating manually.
    • If you are online, go to the syllabus webpage and select our group from the drop-down menu in the extension. You can highlight text and add a comment, or respond to others’ comments, using text, images, (gifs? Let’s try it!). You will also see the comments from your predecessors from last year in the group. (Note: “Orphans” are comments to text that is no longer there.)
    • If you are working on a printout: bring your comments, questions and queries to class.

Link to pad Post something on the pad to check how it works!

Thu Aug. 29

  • Readings to prepare
  • Things to think about:
    • Do you read the “terms of service” or do you lie, and click “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service” without actually even looking at them? Check out this site for frequently used ToS, and look at a few of the sites where you have an account. (10mins)
    • Think about a good name for your website’s url. Your site will be [insertname].bergbuilds.domains and that name cannot be changed. You don’t have to use your personal name, or anything that identifies you.
  • Things to bring to class: In addition to your notes and (if you choose) print-outs: laptop or large screen electronic device (phones are no good for this one!)
    • Tim Clarke from Digital Learning will help you set up your own (free!) website. It’s yours for the next four years at Muhlenberg, and you can do almost anything you want with it, in addition to creating your portfolio for this course.

Link to pad Add ideas and discussion points for class.

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