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  • Tea maps! November 30, 2019
    In addition to the great map we were shown in the library session, Jack has found another cool map, and shared it on his blog: “The Tea is Drunk” (close up:
  • Tea with milk: a Chinese invention? November 18, 2019
    We are often led to believe that adding milk to (black) tea is a British development in the history of tea. But it turns out that in addition to the Central Asian “milk tea” (nai cha), there is also a long tradition in southern China of drinking cream tea! Read more in this blogpost on ...
  • Tips for writers, incl. non-fiction: November 10, 2019
    Maura Cunningham has three straightforward tips for non-fiction writers. This blogpost will be useful throughout your college career and beyond. Rebecca Solnit also has a blog post with advice for becoming a writer, and how to find your independent voice and tone. Unfortunately, until your work is no longer graded, you won’t have all the flexibility ...
  • Is tea a superfood? September 9, 2019
    A few days ago this article about superfoods showed up in the recommendations on Pocket in my Firefox browser, with a fact-check on foods and drinks that are labelled superfoods. (Here a superfood was defined as foods/drinks that provide benefits even if consumed in normal amounts). It was not too surprising to see green tea show ...
  • Tea first or milk first? Depends on your taste! September 2, 2019
    As George Orwell wrote in his essay “A Nice Cup of Tea”, the question of tea first or milk first in the cup when pouring tea, is not a simple one: “This is one of the most controversial points of all; indeed in every family in Britain there are probably two schools of thought on ...
  • When Russian tea came to America August 29, 2019
    With thanks to Prof. Stein for alerting me to this article! This is the story of how Russian Jews brought their tea culture with them to the US in the 19th century. Read more here: “Tea Time in America” (Weissman Joselit, Jenna. “Tea Time in America.” Tablet, August 26, 2019.
  • “Chinese Tea at the Cross-Roads” (news article) October 9, 2018
    China’s “tea industry is big, but not strong”. This is an interesting article about the tea industry in China, and where it is missing opportunities for becoming a strong player on the global market.¬†
  • “Tea-riffic Beverage” article link September 19, 2018
    Tea has many health benefits- as we saw, the mythical Shennong was connected with medicine, agriculture and from the eighth century onwards, with tea as well. Modern medical research is increasingly supporting that notion –contrary to Mr. Alcohol’s claims that drinking tea brings a whole list of diseases… This article was brought to the class ...
  • Online items about tea June 26, 2018
    In this section you can find links to online items about tea. You can contribute, too: e-mail me the link and a brief explanation how the item connects with our course. Or even better: create a brief blog post on your own website and send me the link!