Essay 2: details

Google doc version


  • A brief analytical essay, based on a question or thesis you formulate yourself, and which has been approved by Emily or Dr. D’Haeseleer.
  • Total length of final version: 5-7 pages in length, Times New Roman, double spaced.
  • Use footnotes for references, and add a bibliography in the “Chicago Notes and Bibliography” style.

This is not a research essay, but an analytical essay: use the materials provided to you throughout the course (including in-class handouts and materials on the website). There is no need to find additional materials, but if you choose to do so, make sure the sources are reliable and of good quality. You should confer with Dr. D’Haeseleer if you want to use additional materials.

You can use the “minute thesis” exercise (for instructions: see slide 12 of this slide deck), or draw on your blog posts or those of your classmates, for further inspiration.


Question/thesis: due Fri. Nov. 22, 11.59PM (or earlier)

  • You will get feedback on the feasibility of your idea.
  • Send in via e-mail or share a google doc with your proposed question or thesis.
        • Include which texts you intend to use.
  • I strongly encourage you to include a rough outline. This outline may change based on feedback, or as you start to write and find new, better ideas to work with.
        • The more detail you can provide at this point, the more precise our feedback will be.

First version: due Nov. 27, 11.59PM (or earlier)

  • The first version of the essay is not graded, but you must make a solid first attempt. This means: full paragraphs and sentences, and references as required to comply with the AIC. You cannot simply hand in a bullet-point draft or a nearly blank page (or no submission) and only submit an essay for the second version.
  • Note: You can (but do not have to) include a brief paragraph explaining what you do and don’t like about your essay. It will help us with providing feedback.
  • Submit as a Google Doc, use “first version” in the file name and set sharing to “suggesting” or “edit”
        • Why? This is the easiest way for me to give feedback and not lose your essays!

Peer reviews: Dec. 3, in class

  • Bring 3 printed versions of your essay to class on Dec. 3, for in-class peer review.

Final version: due Dec. 9, 11.59PM (or earlier)

  • Submit as a Google Doc, use “final version” in the file name and set sharing to “suggesting” or “edit”.
  • Include one paragraph at the end explaining how you responded to the feedback you were given from various people (is not incl. in page count)