End of Week 9 assignments

Weekly writing assignment: Tea in Japan

  • Reflect on what you have learned so far about chanoyu and tea in Japan from our journey back in time from the present to the late sixteenth century in the past two weeks. (materials from week 8 and week 9, as well as the chanoyu session on Sunday Oct. 20)
  • Do a 15min free write to generate ideas (remember: use freewrites to generate ideas, you can do this in any language).
  • Preferably after a night’s sleep, pick the best ideas from your freewrite, and write a 1-2 paragraph piece on tea in Japan
  • Post on your website in the category FYS-tea.

Review your writing:

  • Look through your posts so far, and select one or two you want to re-write.
  • Analyze the text and identify what bothers you: is it style and grammar? Do the transitions not work? Are you dissatisfied with the ideas? … You can ask a friend to help you think about this.
  • Once you identified what the problem is, you can fix it: you can work with the Writing Center or with a friend, and rewrite the post.
  • On Canvas in Question 2, add a brief description of what you changed in your post(s)

Declaration: read carefully and then go to Canvas and fill out the quiz.

  • I wrote a blog post of 1-2 paragraphs about chanoyu, based on the materials from weeks 8 or 9, and/or the chanoyu session from Oct. 20.
  • I posted it on my website under the category FYS-tea.
  • I selected at least one existing blog post and rewrote it, based on my analysis for areas of improvement.
  • I added in the second question a brief description of what I changed about the post.
  • I added a URL or title of the blog post I tried to improve.