End of Week 5 Assignments

Due SUNDAY 5pm

On Tuesday we will set up a video-conference call with Prof. James Benn, to talk more about the history of tea in China. To prepare for the video call, he asked us to send some questions in advance. I will collect the questions via e-mail, and sort through them. This means you need to submit them by Sunday evening.

How can you come up with good, interesting questions?

  • Review the materials we have covered about tea in China:
    • materials connected to the story of the origin of tea (Thu. week 3)
    • The Classic of Tea (Lu Yu) (Tue. week 4)
    • Tang Chinese poetry about tea (Tue. week 5)
    • “The Debate of Mr Tea and Mr Alcohol” (Thu. week 5)
    • Look through your classnotes, your blog posts, and use the Method or the 10-on1/1-on-10 technique to generate ideas. Do you see apparent contradictions? Gaps in knowledge? Connections? Use that to formulate questions.
  • Send in your questions by e-mail to Dr. D’Haeseleer.

No weekly writing assignment- focus on your essay instead, due on Friday Oct. 4. Remember: writing = rewriting, do not settle for a first draft. Make an appointment with Emily between now and Oct. 2.

Declaration: Read this carefully, then go to Canvas and fill out the quiz:

  • I have reviewed the materials we covered in class about Chinese tea:
    • the origin of tea
    • The Classic of Tea (Lu Yu)
    • Tang Chinese poetry about tea
    • “The Debate of Mr Tea and Mr Alcohol”
  • I have looked through my class notes or blog posts, or I have used the Method and/or the 10-on-1/1-on-10 technique to make connections and analyze these texts and create some questions for Prof. Benn.
  • I have sent in the questions by e-mail to Prof. D’Haeseleer.