End of Week 4 Assignments

One small writing assignment, and a few options for additional writing practice and reminders. Don’t forget to fill out the Declaration Quiz on Canvas. It helps me to keep an overview.

Weekly Writing Assignment

Write a blog post of approximately 300 words (more is fine if you have more to say!), using one of the following two prompts. Include a title, and add the post to category “FYS-tea”. Remember you can add tags

  1. The translation of Lu Yu’s Classic of Tea contains illustrations. Pick two sentences and find their accompanying illustrations. Do they correspond? Why (not)? Be specific: draw the reader’s attention to the details you use to make your judgement. Can you find better illustrations for those sentences? You can use your own art or photography skills, or find images online.
        • When using images, it is best practice to include a caption, and a description, as well as a source. This makes your post more accessible (screen readers for visually impaired readers) and protects you against accusations of theft of intellectual property/plagiarism. Check out more on this WordPress Help post.
  2. Compare the two tea tasting sessions we did so far in this class. You can also draw on Orwell and Lu Yu, as well as the tea taste descriptors for vocabulary:
        • look and smell of tea leaves (dry, wet)
        • methods of preparation
        • tastes
        • effects on your body and mind
  3. OPTIONAL EXTRA: Write both assignments, to get more writing practice
  4. REMINDERS: Plan ahead: Get your Garden Hours in (Wed. 4-5, Sat and Sun: 12-2), and if you attended any events from Center for Ethics, or performances on campus: write your event responses.

Declaration: read this carefully, then go to Canvas and fill out the quiz:

  • I have written a blog post of approximately 300 words using one of the two prompts.
  • I added the post to category FYS-tea.
  • I planned ahead and scheduled when I will get my garden hours in, and for which events I will write my two event responses.