End of Week 3 Assignments

Two small assignments, due by Monday, Sept. 16, 5pm; don’t forget to fill out the Declaration quiz on Canvas (scroll to bottom of this document)!

Peer feedback:

At this point, everybody has at least two posts up on their website, under the category FYS-tea.¬†Writing is a process that requires reflection, feedback, rewriting. In this course, we will use (among other methods) the tool hypothes.is to provide thoughtful and encouraging feedback on each other’s blog posts for the course. Here is your first invitation to provide feedback for your peers.

    • You have been assigned three websites to visit (you can visit more, and leave more comments!) on this spreadsheet (Gdrive link). Your name is in column A, you will visit the websites in columns B, C, and D for this round. Find the links to the websites on this Canvas page.
    • Use hypothes.is to leave comments on these websites, using the group “teaglobalhistory“.
      • If you have trouble with Hypothes.is, please check the help guide, and visit the Hive (Trexler, B06)
    • Only comment on posts in the FYS-tea category, i.e. assignments for this course.
    • Leave at least two comments for each website, using two of these options:
      • I like … (positive points)
      • You could maybe … (suggestion for taking it to the next level, improvements)
      • Can you teach me … (for a feature on the website you’d like to use, too: captions for images, hyperlinks, menu, organization,…)
    • You may add more comments, including tips for improving the sentences, pointing out spelling/typos etc.

Weekly writing assignment

Write a blog post of approximately 300 words (more is fine if you have more to say!), using one of these two prompts:

  • If the author’s of the texts from Thursday’s class (Wilkinson, Benn, Towler) were in the same room, what would their conversation be like?
  • OR Pick one sentence from two different texts (choose from Wilkinson, Benn, Towler). How do the sentences connect? Do they contradict each other? Do they complement each other?

Declaration: read this carefully, then go to Canvas and fill out the quiz

  • I have visited at least the three websites I was assigned.
  • I used hypothes.is and the group “teaglobalhistory”
  • I left at least two comments for each website I was assigned, using two of these options:
    • I like …
    • You could maybe …
    • Can you teach me …
  • I wrote a blogpost of appr. 300 words (or more if I had further interesting things to say) using one of the two prompts.
  • I added the post to the category FYS-tea