End of week 11 assignments

Weekly writing assignment

Choose one of these two options (you can do both if you want to practice your writing more). Write two paragraphs and post on your blog. If you want to develop a more complex idea and need more space, I encourage you to do so!

  • Option A: Reflection on the Almack journal: How does reading the journal enhance and complicate your understanding of the position of the British in the first Opium War? Where does Almack’s account fit into the bigger story?
  • Option B: Respond to the drawing and/or cartoon of the encounter between the Qianlong Emperor and English ambassador George Macartney in 1793. Possible approaches include: the drawing by G. Stanton (black and white) appears to be an objective record of the encounter, in contrast to the cartoon by Gillray.

Declaration: read carefully and then go to Canvas and fill out the quiz.

  • I wrote a blog post of 2 paragraphs for option A or B.
  • I posted it on my website under the category FYS-tea.