End of week 10 assignments

Weekly writing assignment

Choose one of these two options (you can do both if you want to practice your writing more). Write two paragraphs and post on your blog.

  • Option A: Respond to Simon Pauli:
        • Imagine you are flashed back in time and confronted with Simon Pauli and his ideas about tea. You have more accurate knowledge than he does about tea, so how will you convince him that tea is not that bad for one’s health, the Chinese have a long history of drinking tea, it’s not related to any known European plants, and whatever else you can find to refute.
        • Write this as a rebuttal to be published in a journal: a formal tone, but accessible to readers who are not familiar with tea’s history or facts.
  • Option B: Compare at least two accounts discussing how the English/British engaged with tea between the mid-seventeenth and mid-nineteenth century. You can choose from
        • Standage, Tom. A History of the World in 6 Glasses. New York: Bloomsbury 2005. (PDF)
        •  “Robert Fortune: The Tea Thief” (Robert Fortune : The Tea Thief. Directed by Diane Perelsztejn. Filmakers Library, 2003. Online Video)
        • The game “High Tea” and the background information from the Wellcome Collection: website.
        • Spreadsheet with data on the East India Compagny’s tea trade.
        • How does the genre change the way an author can tell the story of Britain and its love for tea? What are the limitations or challenges, and what are the strong points the format provides? What prior knowledge does the author or creator of this material assume on behalf of their reader/user? And what conclusions do you draw about writing from comparing these different accounts on the same topic?

Declaration: read carefully and then go to Canvas and fill out the quiz.

  • I wrote a blog post of 2 paragraphs for option A or B.
  • I posted it on my website under the category FYS-tea.