End of week 1 assignments

Please complete the following by 5pm, Monday Sept. 2:

  • If you haven’t got hypothes.is to work yet: please go to the Hive in B06, Trexler Library and ask the Digital Learning Team to set it up. Refer back to the preparations for class 1 for details. We will use this tool a lot in this class.
  • EVERYBODY: create a blog post with a reflection on the issues raised in the readings for Thursday Aug. 28, and the class discussion. You may also include your reaction to my own reflection on the use of digital tools in the classroom (available since Sunday late PM). The best blog posts react to a text, usually one that we read in class: refer to the text, perhaps focus on a quote and write about your thoughts in connection to that sentence. You can link the text easily in a hyperlink.
  • EVERYBODY: Add your website URL to the Canvas page

Declaration: Read this carefully, then go to Canvas and fill out the quiz.

  • I have set up hypothes.is to annotate web content
  • I have joined the group teaglobalhistory in hypothes.is
  • I have created a post on my blog, of at least 200 words
  • The post title includes the words “digital identity”
  • I have created the category “FYS-tea” on my blog, and added the post to it
  • I have added at least 2 tags to the post
  • I have added my website’s URL to the Canvas page

The quiz/survey is not graded, but it will help you to keep on top of the workload.

This system works on the honors principle from the Academic Integrity Code (AIC): if you declare “True” (i.e. that you have done these steps), but in fact you haven’t, you are violating the code, as “B4: False information”.

If one of the steps is giving you trouble, please let me know, or if it is a tech issue, go to the Hive in B06, Trexler Library and ask the Digital Learning Team to help you. Fill out “False” for the time being, and update your answer when you have everything sorted.