Additional course instruction activities

Not all instruction takes place in the classroom, here are your requirements for the additional course instruction for FYS106. Make sure you do A, B and C, and remember you have some choices in B.

A. Tea is a plant, and it will be beneficial to have a better understanding of what it takes to grow plants that help and please humans:

  • Complete 3x 1 hour of work in the Community Garden (location on googlemap). You should strive to attend the Common Hour Garden Workday (time TBC)
  • Regular workday hours for the garden:
    • Wed. 4-5pm
    • Sat. 12pm-2pm
    • Sun. 12pm-2pm
    • If you want/need additional time in the garden (due to scheduling conflicts), please let me know and I will get you in touch with the Garden Club.
  • Make sure your work hours are on different days and spaced a bit apart: only in that way can you appreciate the changes that happen over time.
  • Write a brief paragraph each time about what you did in the garden, and include your reflections on what you learn each time from growing plants for consumption.
  • Optional extra: You can write a longer piece after completing your work hours in the garden.

B. You are a member of a larger campus community, and you should connect to many different activities that bring you in contact with new ideas, new perspectives, and new practices. Attend at least two additional events on campus from this list:

    • One event (or more) from the Center for Ethics “Borders, Nationalisms, Identities: The Ethics of Global Citizenship” program: check the schedule for Fall 2019 here
      • The trip to Ellis Island counts!
    • One concert or theatre/dance production you attended (not as participant)
    • [list will develop further as more events are announced]
    • Write an “event response” for two events you attended and post on your website, and with the following elements:
    • Title of post: “Event Response: [insert name of event and date]”
    • 2-3 paragraphs minimum
    • contains brief description of the event (topic and contents) E.g what does the speaker try to persuade you about? A brief synopsis of the play or overview of the concert program.
    • contains a response, your personal reaction:
      • what did you learn?
      • do you agree or disagree with the speaker’s argument (i.e. main idea they try to convince you about)?
      • where do you see connections with other courses or other areas of your life?
      • is there something still not clear, or a thought that keeps chewing away in your brain?
    • Use the category FYS106
    • Optional extra: If you attend more events, you can file additional event responses in your writing portfolio.
      • More writing samples in your portfolio = improvement in writing

C. At least three meetings with Ms. Emily Hamme, the Writing Assistant, spread over the semester.

D. Three meetings with Dr. D’Haeseleer, the instructor, spread over the semester, to discuss your work for the course.