I knew a person who possessed [fine taste] in so great a perfection, that, after having tasted ten different kinds of tea, he would distinguish, without seeing the colour of it, the particular sort which was offered him; and not only so, but any two sorts of them that were mixed together in an equal proportion; nay, he has carried the experiment so far, as, upon tasting the composition of three different sorts, to name the parcels from whence the three several ingredients were taken. A man of fine taste in writing will discern, after the same manner, not only the general beauties and imperfections of an author, but discover the several ways of thinking and expressing himself, which diversify him from all other authors, with the several foreign infusions of thought and language, and the particular authors from whom they were borrowed.

(The Works of Joseph Addison, Vol 2, p. 135)

Welcome to the course webpage for the First Year Seminar “How Tea Conquered the World”!

Have the Chinese always drunk tea? Is the Japanese tea ceremony really centuries old? What happens when tea becomes a commodity, and is drunk around the world? And what about the adverts telling you how healthy tea is?

These are some of the questions we will be asking as we examine the relation between tea and history. We will read texts, watch videos and taste tea, to connect with the story of tea, and to trace the role of tea in the lives of many different people across the world and throughout history. And at the end of the course, you will be ready to tackle any other topic you put your mind to, with the skills you learned in this seminar: thinking and writing analytically.



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  • Friday’s tutorial: change November 13, 2019 Tutorial times for Friday Nov. 15 are pushed back 45 mins. They start at 10.45am, run to 11.45am.
  • Changes to drop-in tutorials Week 10 October 26, 2019 I will provide extra availability next week on Wednesday afternoon, 2-3, in addition to appointments via Google Calendar (“check a co-worker’s calendar”) to make up for a missed session in week 9. Drop-ins on Friday Nov. 1 are pushed back to 10.30-11.30am. There may be more changes ahead in the coming weeks, I let you know!
  • Change to Drop-in Tutorial on Friday Oct. 4: 10.30-11.30am October 4, 2019 Tutorial times for Friday Oct. 4 are pushed back 30 mins. They start at 10.30, run to 11.30.
  • More study tips September 26, 2019 Following up on the tips we shared on Tuesday, here is an article with more tips, based on findings from cognitive psychology. We have it available in the digital library, just search for the title of the article: Putnam AL, Sungkhasettee VW, and Roediger HL 3rd. “Optimizing Learning in College: Tips from Cognitive Psychology.” Perspectives on Psychological ...
  • “Genre” September 14, 2019 Since we were talking about “genre” a little bit on Thursday, I thought you might enjoy this little collage: https://twitter.com/whoisalexjacob/status/1172544433717428229?s=20
  • First “Event” for event response option! September 1, 2019 You can attend the following event from the Center for Ethics and write an event response. It’s never too early to start! Let us know when you have a post ready and we’ll provide feedback. You can always rewrite your post, or go to more events and sharpen your writing skills with new responses. Exit West ...
  • Hypothes.is on a tablet or phone August 29, 2019 Hypothes.is is built to work best on the Google Chrome browser on a desktop/laptop (i.e. a “computer”) However, there is a work-around for other electronic devices, such as tablets (iPads etc) and phones: go to via.hypothes.is and paste the URL of the article/webpage there. It takes a moment to load the page, but in the top ...

Background image source; Growth Mindset cats courtesy of Laura Gibbs.


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